Why Explaindio 4 is the Best Video Making Software of its Kind

Explaindio 4 is here – And Why You Should be excited

Imagine being able to create professional-quality videos for your business, at a fraction of the usual video production cost. Imagine being able to make these videos by yourself, even if you only have basic computer skills and no experience in video-making whatsoever.

This is what Explaindio 4 sets out to accomplish. A brainchild of popular online marketer and CNBC consultant Todd Gross, this newest iteration of the revolutionary Explainidio software will help you create videos that you want (e.g explainer, marketing, advertising, and training) in just a blink of an eye.

So Why Go For Video?

Simple, Video works. It works even better than the usual text and graphics combo that most online marketers rely on for advertisements and whatnot. It gets your message across in the fastest and most effective way, without your viewers getting bored in the process. There’s a reason why 95% of top-selling Clickbank products utilize videos in their PR campaigns. These videos get people interested in the product instantly and allow you to connect with potential customers on a deeper and more personal level that no amount of text can ever achieve.

The Number One Problem for People Who Want to Use Video

Utilizing videos is great, so why isn’t everyone doing it? This is because the number one barrier for people who want to use videos in their marketing/ advertising/ PR campaigns is cost. Video production is a costly venture. Just a simple two-minute explainer video can cost hundreds of dollars if outsourced to a professional video producer. The price will even go higher if you want to use fancy animations, visual effects, green screen, and all other video gimmicks to make your videos pop out.

Here Comes Explaindio 4

Enter Explaindio 4. This desktop software (yes, it’s a full desktop software that you download on your computer, and not some mere web app that you can access only when you’re online) comes with all the right tools and features that you need to create professional-looking videos- from simple explainer videos and animated sketch presentations, to TV commercial-like productions with all fancy graphical effects.

To give you an overview over just how powerful Explaindio is, here are some of its best features that we are most excited about:

1. Sketch Animation

Sketch animations (wherein a hand will “sketch” parts of your video) are in vogue nowadays. With Explaindio, you can create sketch transitions to live video or animations without extra effort. You also get a wide selection of animated hands to choose from.

2. Green Screen

Think the use of green screen is limited only to professional video studios. Not anymore! You can set up your own simple green (or any color that you want) screen studio at home, and have Explaindio change this screen to any background, animation, live video, or any other footage that you want.

Explaindio 2.03. Fully Animated Motion Objects

When you buy Explaindio, you also get a library of animated sprites and objects at your disposal (all of which can be easily edited to your liking). No need to make your own animations or use 3rd party animation software.

4. Dynamic Zoom and Rotation with Explaindio 4

These features add a little pizzazz to your videos. These can be used in multiple actions for videos, animations, and images; and can also be timed independently from other sequences for an interesting effect.

5. A Whole Library of Slides, Fonts, Images, Audio Tracks and More

With Explaindio 4, you don’t even have to buy audio tracks and images for your productions. The software comes bundled with a whole library of these, so all that you really need to get started with video-making is your imagination.

6. Free Commercial License

The videos that you produce with Explaindio 4 are your own, and you can do with them whatever you will. You can even make a bit of money making videos for clients using the Explaindio software if you want. There are absolutely no restrictions on what you can do with the software.

7. Great Support and Community

Meet other like-minded video makers and get tips and advice from them in the exclusive Explaindio Facebook group (accessible only when you purchase a copy of the software).

With these kinds of features, you can easily see why this software is simply one of the best video making tools that you can possibly use today. Explaindio 4 is easy, fast, and fun- just the right software for your video marketing campaigns. Click to buy Explaindio 4 today. 

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