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Free Online Logo Maker

From the Starbucks’ twin-tailed mermaid to the timeless swoosh symbol of Nike, marketers can concur that great brands take care of their logos. When designing your business logo, the combination of text and visual imagery need to be given a laser beam focus because they are the meat of the message your brand will convey to your prospects. While people subcontract the design of logos to freelancers and other institutional-based designers.

What Makes Our Free Online Logo Maker Unique

There is usually an air of scepticism surrounding free stuff particular software because of the negative experiences users have had with other maliciously designed but carefully packaged software. However, our free online logo maker has a different story behind it. It has helped many upcoming and established brands to rubberstamp their online authority through sleek and minimally designed eye-catching logos. Discussed below are some of the outstanding features and benefits you will enjoy while using our free online logo maker software.

A Well-stocked Graphics Library – if you want to measure the credibility of any logo maker, you should first assess the richness of its icon, symbol and font library. In the design world, a symbol is a combination of graphic elements that tell a story. Correct usage of such symbols can give your brand a mouthpiece and a tool for enhancing brand interaction. The symbols and icons contained in the free online logo maker library exploit the most unconscious level of human thought and desire thus attaching your logo and brand to human feelings and expressions.

Countless Downloads – Other free online logo makers put download limits in their software to push people to pay for their premium versions. However, we believe free stuff should not come with strings attached and question-asked conditions. As a user you can download whatever volume of logos you desire in lots of formats including PNG, JPG and PDF. To help you understand, these file formats enable you to compress logo images without losing the crispiness and quality of the original image. This means clearer logos that stand out from your competitors.

Doesn’t Cost a Cent – In order to get a feel of how much of a relief this is to business owners the world over, look at how much companies pay to have logos designed for them. Pepsi logo cost them $1,000,000 to design it to what it looks like today, BBC logo cost them $1,800,000 while the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Banking group forked a whopping $15,000,000 for their logo. With such information, it should not take much convincing for you to believe that the free online logo maker is a the real deal; a free DIY logo design app that opens a whole new world of possibilities and is the best free online logo maker.

Customer Friendly – not once, not twice but several times, amateur designers and business owners have complained at how complicated and intimidating logo design technologies are. This is why some of them painfully engage the services of freelancers even to the extent of straining their resources. In responding to this need, we brought into the market one of the most flexible and usable software; the free online logo maker. Its wide array of fonts, icons and symbols make the logos you design outstanding in quality and appearance.

Simple and Neat – This is a feature you will find in any logo design software worth its salt. Our free online logo maker software will give you the clutter-free environment you need to create a logo that will stick in people’s minds. Customers are tired of images slapped onto letterheads and business cards; rather they are looking for sleek and minimal logos that convey a modern aesthetic.

A Wide Range of Colors and Outstanding Topography- Your logo will appear on business cards, screens, newspaper adverts and product packages. What this means is you need an intuitively designed logo that carefully combines color and design topography to give your brand the feel of professionalism and authority. The free online logo maker has a palette of colors and design options that will meet this need.

With video-guided logo design functionalities, our free online logo maker is indisputably the best in the industry. It brings on board a collection of features from file format options to logo concepts aimed at making the journey to your perfect business logo one of the most memorable. Click on the link to use our totally free no email needed free online logo maker