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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimisation has many components, some of which I will discuss later. Basically, the result you want from SEO is to get your site indexed with search engines and to have your site on the first page of the search results.  Indexed means your site will show up on any search engine when the name of your site is in the search box.

Google is the most popular search engine with 900 million users. Second is Bing with 165 million and then Yahoo with 160 million.  A full list of search engines can be found at Ebizmba. From the above statistics, you can see that Google is where you want your site to rank well.   We use the below tips and tricks on our clients’ websites to help your site rank better.


Create precise, distinctive page titles 

This is the title in the head of the page in the background, not the title of the web page your visitors see. The title is what will display on the search engine results screen above the description. The title needs to tell the visitor and Google what that page is about.  All your web pages need to have different titles.


Accurately describe the page’s contentman on top of bar graph

The title has to have the same keywords as what is in the page content e.g. don’t talk about cars in the content when you have acrylic nails in the title. Don’t use too many keywords in the title or content as this will not optimise the search results.


Accurately describe the description

The start of the description tag in the header should always include the title keyword that is in the title this will be good Search engine optimisation e.g. Acrylic nails verse gel nails, this should also be in the first few words of your site content.


Use mostly text for navigation

Google can’t read pictures and needs text to know what the navigation and anything else on the page is about.  Without text Google will have no idea what is on the page. If you use pictures for the navigation, put a text link beneath the picture.  You should also put a description in your pictures by using the alt tag.


communicate your brandUnique content

There is a saying that content is king, which means the more unique content you have the more visitors to your site through organic listings (unpaid listings, not ads).   Google knows when the content on your site is not unique and has been seen on another site.  This will result in poor search engine optimisation


SEO a regular activity 

SEO is an ongoing component of your website.  Even when the site is finished, Search Engine Optimisation tasks need to occur at least twice weekly to help rank your site high in the search results. I have only discussed a few of the search engine optimisation tasks that need to occur.  A full list of Search Engine Optimisation tasks that we perform for our clients can be found here. Click on the link for a list of our services to help with your sites SEO.