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Why Investing in SEO is not an Option but a Necessity

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important yet often misunderstood aspect of marketing. It plays an important role in making your website to be easily understood by both search engine robots and human users. While search engines continue to become more sophisticated, they still cannot understand web pages the way humans do. SEO helps search engines understand each webpage, what it is about as well as how the page could be useful for users.

Why You Must Invest in SEO

Visibility and Branding for your business

When customers search for products and services that you offer, it is obvious that you want to be seen as high in search engine rankings as possible. Simply appearing in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for the terms directly relating to your business adds some amount of value to your business. For example, most searchers won’t just search once and click on a website and buy. Rather, they will search several search terms.

Just what does this imply for your business? This simply means that if you are able to show in all the search results continuously, you will be gaining more mindshare with every potential customer. There are excellent chances that customers will eventually click on your website. Because you showed up continuously in most of their searches, they will only trust you more.


Search engines are grabbing a bigger market share

Research indicates that 80-90% of consumers will first check reviews online before they make a decision to purchase. With time, everybody will be looking for services and products on the internet. Do you want your business to be located by customers or not? If you do not invest in organic SEO, it is going to be very difficult for people to find you. Instead, they will find your competitors.


It’s cost-effective

If you compare the costs of SEO and that of other types of online marketing like social media marketing, PPC (pay per click) or buying leads, you will realize that SEO offers fairly good ROI (return on investment). Although PPC may be famed for driving more revenue while social media could be more important for the business image, in many ways, your SEO still remains the bedrock of your presence online.


Top SEO strategies to rank your website on top of SERPs


Fresh Website Content

High quality, informative fresh content is among the best strategies you can use to rank your website top of search pages. The Google search engine algorithm has a component that evaluates the frequency with which you update your website content. If your website provides content that is useful to users, it will be granted trust rank as well as true authority as opposed to the page rank.


Contextual On-The-Topic Blogs

Business blogging, also called contextual advertising, is among the web’s hottest thing at the moment. It involves identifying a hot blog related to your industry or field and that also has tons of traffic and then coming up with a top blog that is able to get recognition from the users of that field. You will make a lasting impression with the search engines very fast if you manage to get an endorsement from a top player in the industry.


Attaining Trust Rank

Repeat the above steps for some time on a consistent basis and you will have come up with a trust rank. Trust rank accelerates indexing time in search engines. In the past, you needed to wait for weeks or even months just to have spiders revisit your site. Today, however, this can happen in a matter of minutes or hours.

Ranking usually occurs the moment search engines index website pages. Therefore, if you update and reflect new keywords in Yahoo, MSN or Google severally times in a week as opposed to just once or twice a month, you will have a greater chance of outranking your competition.

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