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10 Reasons You Need a Logo Design

Marketing experts have long touted the benefits of having a logo design for your business. It helps to create your brand and creates a visual representation of all the things your company stands for. Having a brand that includes a logo design allows you to present a consistent message to your customers across all of your marketing efforts and helps you grow your business. However, rarely has anyone ever explained how a logo design helps you accomplish these feats. Here are some of the reasons that your company should have one and create a visual brand: 

1. For a more “established” looking presence

Having a professionally developed logo symbol allows your business to look more professional. Without a symbol, your business appears small and homegrown to many customers and will limit your ability to grow and expand into other markets. The simple development of a logo design will remove these limits. 

2. A logo design increase your “value”

In the eyes of investors or buyers. Of course it goes back to the appearance of professionalism. If your business looks like it has the potential to grow into something, then more people will want in. This includes venture capitalists as well as potential buyers.

3. To attract customerspaint_splatter_red

There has been a lot of research that goes into the hows and whys of a Company logos development, most based in scientific research surrounding consumer behavior. Having a professional logo created will allow you to tap into some of that research and attract more customers based on the science of consumer behavior. 

4. Branding

If you take a look at the business landscape, you will notice that there is one consistency among all of the largest businesses across the world: they all have a logo design. They have a brand and an image that they communicate through the use of that logo. Emulating this characteristic will lend credibility to your company and allow you to grow and expand as well. 

5. To convey reliability

For most consumers, the idea that a business has a logo means that they are a stable, trustworthy and reputable company, someone that they would be willing to do business with. Having a logo design leads to an increase in sales. 

6. To convey stability

Most fly by night businesses don’t stay in business long enough to develop a symbol. However, those that are here to stay have one. 

7. To be more memorable

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to remember a symbol over the name of a company. Having a symbol simply makes you more memorable to more consumers, boosting your visibility. 

man shouting8. To explain your company name

Logo designs are like context clues for businesses that have obscure or hard to remember names. 

9. To endear your company name to your clients

Having a logo design is like having a built-in word association for your company. Customers will recognise your logo and then remember your company’s name.

10. To explain an unusual line of business

Logo designs can go a long way to helping customers understand exactly what your company does. This helps them understand how your business can help them and makes them much more likely to hire you or buy from you. For a professionally and do it your self logo designs visit our logo design page.