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10 Key Features for a Great Website

It is not that difficult to get a website up and running these days. However, there are a number of tiny details that you should pay attention to in order to achieve a great website for yourself, your business or your organization. There are a lot of factors that influence the success of a website so keeping them all in mind may be a tough option. With the ten tips provided in this post, you will be able to know the features that make great websites stand out from the rest of the competition and how you too can begin to take advantage of these features for your own website.

1. An Engaging Website Design

The very first thing that will get visitors attracted to your site is the design. It should neither be too dull nor too flashy. A good website design should be engaging and keep the visitor online for further actions. Even the color palette that you choose for your site can influence the mood of the visitor and can win their favour or lose it very quickly.

2. Easy Website Navigation

Great websites should be easy to navigate and understand. This means having a logically and easy to use navigation system that will help the visitor find the things they are looking for easily.

3. The Right Content

The content on your website should have useful information that will be of interest to the users.It should also be updated when it makes sense with proper content that will be helpful to the readers. Content is the key driver of the internet and it is good to have useful content that will keep visitors coming back time and again to your website.

4. Contact Information

Take the time and effort to put all the necessary contact information in such a way that the visitor will be able to locate it easily when they are faced with a problem and would like to contact you. This way, you are increasing their confidence in your website since they can easily get in touch whenever they need to.


In case your website has got a ton of content, it is useful if your users are able to easily and conveniently find the content they need with the help of a search field. This will ensure that your visitors are able to find information quickly and easily hence improving the user experience.

6. Sign Up

Your users should not have to spend hours looking for the registration or sign up button. This will ensure that you do not lose clients who would want to sign up or subscribe to your site.


There are usually two types of sitemaps. One is for your visitors while another one is meant for search engine bots that crawl the internet indexing new web pages and content. A sitemap is a collection of links that point to different areas of the website for easy navigation by the visitor.

8.Cross-platform Compatibility

Different internet users make use of different web browsers when accessing the internet. It is important that your website is able to run properly in each of the browsers. This way, you will be able to reach as many potential clients as possible who are on the different platforms.


All the pictures on your website need to be of the proper format. They should not be too large or too pixelated. The image format should be of smaller file size so that the visitors can download it quickly.

10. Analytics

Having done all the above, it is important to keep track of results and find out where things did not go as expected. This way, you can keep on improving your website over time hence growing your user base. With the right statistics, you can be able to know how people discover your website, how many visits you get and so on.

With the ten tips provided above, you are definitely in a better position to improve your website and attract more visitors. Stay ahead of the competition by providing your users with the best website experience possible.