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10 Design Tips for Creating a Timeless Logo

Timeless Logo

Contrary to what most people believe, a logo is not an abstract piece of art or a combination of colors and fancy lines that can be created by just anyone but rather a purpose-driven process that requires creative thinking. A logo is a brand identity symbol which at times is more identifiable than the brand name. This is precisely why you need to put your all into the logo design process including your artistic imaginations, creative thinking, and systematic planning. This article discusses ten tips to help you in accomplishing the creation of a timeless logo.




1. Make It Simple

A logo is a litmus test of your design insight and presentation sense and not exactly a testing ground for your typography and illustration skills. Simple logos are easy to identify and they consistently succeed in engaging your audience. It is not a must that you include the brand name or a caption, if it is simple enough, your customers will recognize it anyway.


2. Make it Dynamic and Not Static

Your logo must be flexible and adaptable because this will give it the power to permeate the mind of every prospect in the business world thereby making it a timeless brand icon. Rigidity in website logo design kills innovation and limits the scope of improvement. A dynamic logo appeals to a diverse audience with different tastes and preferences.


3. Your Logo Should Be Versatile

Versatility will popularize your logo and by extension your brand image. When designing your logo, imagine beforehand how it will appear on posters, coffee mugs, caps and other promotional merchandise. It should not be enslaved by color but rather look spectacular even when displayed in black and white or other colors other than those of the original design.


4. Let Your Logo Tell a Story

Every business logo design should have a story to tell; the obvious story and the hidden one. Your logo should have a meaning that extends beyond the pattern of lines and artwork or text. A cool and mind-blowing logo consists of meticulous ideology, deep thinking and a storyline that your clients will love listening to all the time.


5. Your Logo Should Be Clever and Memorable

The ultimate aim of your website logo design process should be to create a symbol that entrenches itself in the subconscious of your clients. One of the ways of achieving this is to utilize a technique that wraps two pictures into one through a clever interpretation of an idea or concept. Clients love and appreciate designs that play little mind games such as the Twitter logo.


6. Use Your Colors Creatively

Your color palette is one of the most critical considerations in your logo design process. You need to be conscious of the meaning and ideas that your chosen colors communicate. This is especially important if your brand is multicultural. Use colors that grab and pull in the customers.


7. Make Your Logo As Original As Possible

There is always a temptation to hop into the bandwagon of popular business logo design trends. One thing you should know is that trends easily fade with the same gusto they came with. Instead of ripping off what everyone is doing, avoid the cliche and use a design that you thought up yourself. This will most certainly inspire your customers.


8. Consider Symmetry and Proportion

Symmetry and proportion adds an aesthetic appeal to your logo design. Even if your clients don’t say it, they enjoy the experience that logos with well balanced and consistent arcs bring.


9. Utilize the Negative Space

Every logo has a negative space and how you use this space will determine the perception that your clients will have of your artwork. Use the negative space in such a cool and subtle manner that it harmoniously blends and becomes part of the overall idea.


10. Limit the Use of Fonts

There is more to a business logo design than multiple fonts. Remember that each typeface is different and the viewer should be able to recognize that without straining. A maximum of two fonts with different weights will significantly improve the legibility of your logo and enhance your brand recognition.


Bonus Tip Use Images That Maintain Visual Consistency

It is not advisable to use raster images for logo designing because they can become pixilated and ultimately cause issues with reproduction. You need to invest in quality vector graphics that retain their visual appearance even when zoomed. Regardless of the size, the logo should always look undistorted.


The 10 Design Tips for timeless logos will undoubtedly make your website logo design memorable, professional and timeless thereby eliminating the need for multiple and costly edits in future.